Tuesday, January 24, 2006

足洗い Wash my foot

足洗いWash my foot,japan

The huge leg drops suddenly from the ceiling. "Wash!" family washes it.it is red,hairy foot. Then, the leg disappears into the ceiling. Event said happening in old samurai residences of Edo period every day. Recently, the story that looks like is told.

バリオン barion

バリオン barion(one told "Please shoulder me"),japan

One person is called by someone at dark night on the street. "Please shoulder me. "Then shouldering it,it is very heavy. He goes out to the blight village. the voice is not from the back,he returns straight to his house. When he lows it from his shoulder, it was a big jar that was fully loaded of riches・・・gold,and money. The one "fairly of money" exists in old Japan. Sometimes,it flies over the sky, or talk to the person to teach its existence.A lot of stories exist in various places.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

伸び上がり nobiagari

伸び上がり nobiagari,japan

On the road, one person encounters one man who doesn't know. The man becomes taller in a moment when turning around, and makes it hugely,and he(she) runs away in surprise.

お岩さん oiwa_san

お岩さん oiwa_san,japan

The most famous revengeful ghost in Japan. The story that the killed wife,after the husband's having an affair,killed the curse of the husband was made a stage in Edo period. She is feared because it curses still. However, the model of real existence was a relations very married couple. The story of making when making it to the stage is the truth.