Friday, April 28, 2006


桂男Katsura_otoko(means "A handsome man")

Don't look at the moon! You will be called by Katsura_otoko, and your life will be lost.


磯撫isonade(patter in the beach),japan

Mysterious fish that looks like dogfish. It attacked a fisherman with a previous needle of pinna caudalis,and it dragged him in to the sea, and ate.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


片身katami(means "One Side"),japan

The soul of man who died in the sea gathers in the hanging lantern in such shape in summer.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


一本だたらippon_datara(means "one leg Datara"),japan

This monster appears in the mountain area by the one leg.It eats a traveler wandering there.This legend remains in various places of Japan.Maybe,It would have been the god of mountain.It had been forgotten by people.It seems like a God "Ki" in ancient China.

Monday, April 10, 2006


舞首mai_kubi(means "dancing heads"),japan

500 years or more ago,three bad men who lived in the beach in the Izu area killed one another, and they had died all. Thereafter, the appearance where three fireballs are intertwined at sea came to be witnessed. The sea swirled and came to be rough. Occasionally Three heads seem to fight mutually.


夜泣き婆yonaki_baba(means "old woman cring at night"),japan

It comes before a gate of the house in the Shizuoka area and cries. It cries greatly by weeping in sympathy of the person inside the house. The house visited several times surely becomes unhappy.



"Flat" on the face with nothing,called "Noppera_bou",was infested in various places in the end of Edo period. This is the one witnessed on KATABIRA street in Kyoto at night, and had only one eye behind hips.

自殺させる妖婆That presses suicide

自殺させる妖婆That presses suicide,japan
There was "Room not opened" in a big temple in Fukuoka Prefecture in Edo period. The person who stayed here cut the belly ("Harakiri") and commit suicide every times. One man said staying at this room to confirm true colors.People took up his sword for attention,and instead gave a fan.In the middle of the night there was an eerie old woman who had the skin like the dogfish by the bed when he woke up. He took up the fan and beat it,but he felt the pain his belly.His fan beat himself.No matter how he struck it, the fan hit his belly. He woke up "again",and frightened. He spoke this as the cause to which those who commit suicide happen frequently next morning.

Friday, April 07, 2006


馬骨bakotsu(means "horse's bone"),japan

The horse that was burnt to death due to a fire appeared in owner's bedside every night. It is said that it will appear with house lizard's monster. It is a story in the kouchi provinces in Japan in Edo(Yedo) period.


毛羽毛現、稀有稀現keukegen(means "only hair and feather" or "the one that appears rarely"),japan

This is like a mass of a black hair,lives in the place where sunshiny is bad.When this enters the below the floor level of the house, the resident gets sick. Water in the rest room is his favorite dish.