Sunday, September 17, 2006

ichigen_issoku 一眼一足

ichigen_issoku(one eye and one leg),japan

Legend high priest "Jinin慈忍" who existed in Mt.Hiei(temple) in Kyoto. After he died,his spirit changed his body to the strange appearance...had only one leg and only one eye.He always carried the bell from his neck with ringing it,and hold with his hand a red cane. He walked around the mountain in midnight,and angered some young priests who was cutting the twicer or admonish training. An old picture that draws the appearanced and his cane remains.

tsuno_daishi 角大師


Legend high priest who existed in Mt.Hiei (temple) in Kyoto. He,Ryogen良源(元三大師) had strong mysterious power. He was changed to the appearance of the satan that put out horns by the power when the epidemic went around, and repulsed the satan who made the cause of the epidemic. The picture that draws the appearance is believed in as an amulet now. Ryogen was rumored that had the other various ESPs, and postmortem also catching lightning in a bottle. He is called by the name of Tsuno_Daishi means "horn saint".

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

鬼三兵衛、妻とよDemon Sanbee and the wife Toyo

鬼三兵衛、妻とよDemon Sanbee and the wife Toyo ,japan
Frightening demon of having lived in Kochi. It was said that it appeared with the ghost with the bucktooth of 17 years old as the wife.


Woman who went out to show in Edo period. Feet were able to be moved faster and more dexterously than the hand was used though were greatly only three fingers.

蛇腹女Jabara girl

蛇腹女Jabara girl(means "Bellows girl"),japan

It was a girl who showed up as a show in Edo period.Her belly was covered with the scale like the snake.

粟田口康綱(凶剣)Sword of curse

粟田口康綱Awataguchi_yasutsuna(凶剣 Sword of curse),japan
It was said that the person who obtained this sword was always crazy, and violated the mass murder. A famous samurai who had this sword was a sudden cutting killing the farmers of the street clinging, and committed harakiri suicide. There are a lot of stories that look like this in Japan, and a similar story is handed down to the Ainu race.


小玉鼠kodama_nezumi(means Rat like small gem)
Animal being handed down by hunter in the Tohoku region. It destroys oneself when it encounters the person. The encountered person becomes unhappy.


Mysterious bird that infested in the mountain in the Tohoku region. It had the eyeballs like the owl, and it walked by two legs like a human. It read person's mind, and had power to forecast the future. The cry is still heard now. Like this,"God of mountain" was believed by people that it had the telepathy and the prospect ability in Japan.(Sometimes "God of mountain" means "missis" in Japan,but this is not.)

毛見浦の海坊主Sea monster of Kemiura

毛見浦の海坊主Umi_Bouzu of Kemi_ura(Sea monster of Kemi_ura)
Monster from sea in Kemi_ura that got into the news with newspaper about 100 years ago.This monster attacked the private house on the beach. The hair was brown, eyes were the orange colors, and the mouth was like crocodilians.

歩く石 walking stones

歩く石 walking stones,japan
Story that actually happened about 70 years ago. The person in Osaka has picked up 16 small stones. When putting it in the pond in the garden,the fishes came to the surface and died. Then she brought them in the house.After a few hours,she saw the room and watched the stones tried to unite the circle and to go outside of the house from a window. after the child had taken it to the outside as a plaything,anything did not happen.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


BURUBURU(Cowardly person's god),japan

Your body begins to tremble suddenly,or You feels horror sudden though anything has not happened. It is evidence that BURUBURU(means "Tremblingly") has come at such time.

Monday, May 15, 2006

笑い栂Laughingly Tsuga

笑い栂Laughingly Tsuga,japan

"Tsuga" is a tree like to cedar. One traveler heard loud voice "I am in the heart of the mountains" on the mountain path in Edo period. He ran away in surprise, and took a rest under this tree. Then, big laughter was from the tree. All fingers of both feet had been cut though the traveler went descend a mountain in a hurry. Thereafter, people came to call this tree "Laughingly Tsuga". Only the root remains now.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

妖蛸Weird octopus

妖蛸 Weird octopus,japan

The woman who had been drowned at the sea was helped. However,the woman's belly swelled gradually,and she died.Though the body tried to cremate,but her belly alone didn't burn. People poked it with the stick,and a big octopus went out from the body,Then she burnt out. The rumor left that this woman tried to commit suicide with a man into the sea but only a man had died. This is a story telling at Meiji period in Hokkaido.

Friday, April 28, 2006


桂男Katsura_otoko(means "A handsome man")

Don't look at the moon! You will be called by Katsura_otoko, and your life will be lost.


磯撫isonade(patter in the beach),japan

Mysterious fish that looks like dogfish. It attacked a fisherman with a previous needle of pinna caudalis,and it dragged him in to the sea, and ate.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


片身katami(means "One Side"),japan

The soul of man who died in the sea gathers in the hanging lantern in such shape in summer.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


一本だたらippon_datara(means "one leg Datara"),japan

This monster appears in the mountain area by the one leg.It eats a traveler wandering there.This legend remains in various places of Japan.Maybe,It would have been the god of mountain.It had been forgotten by people.It seems like a God "Ki" in ancient China.

Monday, April 10, 2006


舞首mai_kubi(means "dancing heads"),japan

500 years or more ago,three bad men who lived in the beach in the Izu area killed one another, and they had died all. Thereafter, the appearance where three fireballs are intertwined at sea came to be witnessed. The sea swirled and came to be rough. Occasionally Three heads seem to fight mutually.


夜泣き婆yonaki_baba(means "old woman cring at night"),japan

It comes before a gate of the house in the Shizuoka area and cries. It cries greatly by weeping in sympathy of the person inside the house. The house visited several times surely becomes unhappy.



"Flat" on the face with nothing,called "Noppera_bou",was infested in various places in the end of Edo period. This is the one witnessed on KATABIRA street in Kyoto at night, and had only one eye behind hips.

自殺させる妖婆That presses suicide

自殺させる妖婆That presses suicide,japan
There was "Room not opened" in a big temple in Fukuoka Prefecture in Edo period. The person who stayed here cut the belly ("Harakiri") and commit suicide every times. One man said staying at this room to confirm true colors.People took up his sword for attention,and instead gave a fan.In the middle of the night there was an eerie old woman who had the skin like the dogfish by the bed when he woke up. He took up the fan and beat it,but he felt the pain his belly.His fan beat himself.No matter how he struck it, the fan hit his belly. He woke up "again",and frightened. He spoke this as the cause to which those who commit suicide happen frequently next morning.

Friday, April 07, 2006


馬骨bakotsu(means "horse's bone"),japan

The horse that was burnt to death due to a fire appeared in owner's bedside every night. It is said that it will appear with house lizard's monster. It is a story in the kouchi provinces in Japan in Edo(Yedo) period.


毛羽毛現、稀有稀現keukegen(means "only hair and feather" or "the one that appears rarely"),japan

This is like a mass of a black hair,lives in the place where sunshiny is bad.When this enters the below the floor level of the house, the resident gets sick. Water in the rest room is his favorite dish.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


火車ka_sha(means fired cart),japan
Cart that comes for a living person from hell. It is an encompassed oxcart, and the demon pulls it to the flame. It appears suddenly in front of the target on a certain day, it kidnaps, and it never returns. Running in the middle of the night in the town,also get off the sky at high noon. Now it is not witnessed though it is the story that had been handed down from an old age.

塗り仏painted buddha

ぬり仏(塗り仏)nuri_botoke(meens painted buddha),japan
It settles in the dilapidated temple, and the person who visited is surprised. It looks like a black buddhist statue. When the traveler approaches,the eyeball is dropped and it begins to move. It was said that the Asian racoon had disguised. "Nuri" had been used as a prefix that meens a big mysterious thing in old Japan."Nuri_kabe" or "Nuri_bou" is used also for the name of the big musterious apparition.


わうわうwauwau,japan(in Edo period?)
This is recorded in an old book, and the mystery.

川父 river father

川父kawachichi(river father),japan(kouchi district)
It was called "River father" to have sunk in the riverbed without the corpse of the boatman who had been killed in there. It sometimes got ashore and the constrained voice was given.

Friday, March 17, 2006


天毒虫tendokumushi(means Heaven poisonous insect),japan
This living thing appeared in the Oki island in Edo period. Where this crawls wears the mephitis, and melts yellow. There is a character "天",means Heaven,on this back. It looks like Slug.

蝸牛のようなもの The one like snail

蝸牛のようなもの The one like snail,japan

This thing appeared in the coast in the town,"chikuzen",in Fukuoka Prefecture in Edo period. There were one-foot in the total length shell of Cabt, and vomited yellow liquid.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

肉吸い niku_sui

肉吸い niku_sui(meat sucker),japan
This monster is living in the mountain, and sucks up all of "human's meat" attacking the person who strayed off. The story of having actually witnessed it is not heard. This monster is recorded in the book in Edo period.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

山わに yamawani

山わにyamawani(means mountain crocodilian(="shark" in ancient japan)),japan
This is shark's companion in the mountain. It is in the mountainous region in the Kochi area A huge mouth is opened and everything is swallowed.


山父(山地乳)yamachichi(means Mountain father),japan

It exists in the northeast region in Japan.Usual living in the mountain,but when the night comes, it goes down to the village, and breaths sleeper of the sleeping person is breathed. The person breathed in is deprived of the life. However, when there is a person who witnesses the scene that the person breathed,the person will obtain the long life .

くらげ女 Medusa woman

くらげ女(骨なし女)kurage onnna(means Medusa woman),japan

This ghost existed in Mt.Haba in the Kochi area.When the person dies in the village in the vicinity,this woman goes and twines around the garden tree in the house ,and laughs with a smile.Because the long tract of years had left after it died, it was said that there was no bone and this woman had become the limp one.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

怪しい穴 Frightening cave

怪しい穴 Frightening cave,japan
There was one huge cave about West Japan,Higo,in the heart of the mountains in Edo period. When the traveler who lost his way found this hole,and he peeped into the inside,through the grass and the ivy big white teeths grew from the ceiling and the floor, and a big red tongue wriggled to the interior. When he ran away in surprise and returned, the villager in the vicinity says that he talked that there is no person to whom it peeps at that cave and it comes back.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

さがり The hanging

さがり sagari(=the hanging one),japan

Apparition distributed in West Japan. When walking in the residential quarter at the midnight,suddenly horse's head drops from the tree branch in the roadside, and the passer-by is surprised. Or, horse's leg hangs, and when coming to the under the one's head will be kicked.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

赤小豆洗い azuki_arai(aka_azuki_arai)

赤小豆洗い azuki_arai(aka_azuki_arai) means "something washing red beans",japan
There are rumor, that the "strange sound monster" infests in many places in Japan. Especially famous is an apparition "Something who washes red beans". The sound that beans are washed in the river sounds suddenly in the middle of the night. Or, someone might hear it from back of the ceiling. It is told that this "aka_azuki_arai" monster of this meaning "Something who washes red beans" showed up before a gate of the temple in the village with the southern part of the Shikoku region. The brook flows before a gate of a lot of temples in Japan and there is a bridge. Some brooks before the gate of the temple in other regions has the legends that the same kind of apparition showed up. It is thought that there is a cause that the funny noise rings in the riverbed of the brook.

衾 husuma

衾 husuma,japan
Something covers suddenly from the head on a dark road at night. The victim is wrapped in the body as it is, is breathed in blood, and dies. There are variations in the size and the situation of damage. It lives a lot in Japan,and there are so many names.


The monster that appeared on a certain island of Japan on night of New Year's Eve. It looks like a violent Samurai, and it challenges to an encounter. If the encounter wins,the monster take the shape of a lot of money, and he get very rich. It is a kind of a lot of "fairly of money" that is in Japan.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

足洗い Wash my foot

足洗いWash my foot,japan

The huge leg drops suddenly from the ceiling. "Wash!" family washes is red,hairy foot. Then, the leg disappears into the ceiling. Event said happening in old samurai residences of Edo period every day. Recently, the story that looks like is told.

バリオン barion

バリオン barion(one told "Please shoulder me"),japan

One person is called by someone at dark night on the street. "Please shoulder me. "Then shouldering it,it is very heavy. He goes out to the blight village. the voice is not from the back,he returns straight to his house. When he lows it from his shoulder, it was a big jar that was fully loaded of riches・・・gold,and money. The one "fairly of money" exists in old Japan. Sometimes,it flies over the sky, or talk to the person to teach its existence.A lot of stories exist in various places.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

伸び上がり nobiagari

伸び上がり nobiagari,japan

On the road, one person encounters one man who doesn't know. The man becomes taller in a moment when turning around, and makes it hugely,and he(she) runs away in surprise.

お岩さん oiwa_san

お岩さん oiwa_san,japan

The most famous revengeful ghost in Japan. The story that the killed wife,after the husband's having an affair,killed the curse of the husband was made a stage in Edo period. She is feared because it curses still. However, the model of real existence was a relations very married couple. The story of making when making it to the stage is the truth.