Wednesday, June 21, 2006

鬼三兵衛、妻とよDemon Sanbee and the wife Toyo

鬼三兵衛、妻とよDemon Sanbee and the wife Toyo ,japan
Frightening demon of having lived in Kochi. It was said that it appeared with the ghost with the bucktooth of 17 years old as the wife.


Woman who went out to show in Edo period. Feet were able to be moved faster and more dexterously than the hand was used though were greatly only three fingers.

蛇腹女Jabara girl

蛇腹女Jabara girl(means "Bellows girl"),japan

It was a girl who showed up as a show in Edo period.Her belly was covered with the scale like the snake.

粟田口康綱(凶剣)Sword of curse

粟田口康綱Awataguchi_yasutsuna(凶剣 Sword of curse),japan
It was said that the person who obtained this sword was always crazy, and violated the mass murder. A famous samurai who had this sword was a sudden cutting killing the farmers of the street clinging, and committed harakiri suicide. There are a lot of stories that look like this in Japan, and a similar story is handed down to the Ainu race.


小玉鼠kodama_nezumi(means Rat like small gem)
Animal being handed down by hunter in the Tohoku region. It destroys oneself when it encounters the person. The encountered person becomes unhappy.


Mysterious bird that infested in the mountain in the Tohoku region. It had the eyeballs like the owl, and it walked by two legs like a human. It read person's mind, and had power to forecast the future. The cry is still heard now. Like this,"God of mountain" was believed by people that it had the telepathy and the prospect ability in Japan.(Sometimes "God of mountain" means "missis" in Japan,but this is not.)

毛見浦の海坊主Sea monster of Kemiura

毛見浦の海坊主Umi_Bouzu of Kemi_ura(Sea monster of Kemi_ura)
Monster from sea in Kemi_ura that got into the news with newspaper about 100 years ago.This monster attacked the private house on the beach. The hair was brown, eyes were the orange colors, and the mouth was like crocodilians.

歩く石 walking stones

歩く石 walking stones,japan
Story that actually happened about 70 years ago. The person in Osaka has picked up 16 small stones. When putting it in the pond in the garden,the fishes came to the surface and died. Then she brought them in the house.After a few hours,she saw the room and watched the stones tried to unite the circle and to go outside of the house from a window. after the child had taken it to the outside as a plaything,anything did not happen.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


BURUBURU(Cowardly person's god),japan

Your body begins to tremble suddenly,or You feels horror sudden though anything has not happened. It is evidence that BURUBURU(means "Tremblingly") has come at such time.