Monday, September 27, 2010

猫多羅天女 myautara-tennyo

猫多羅天女 myautara-tennyo (old angel withered the cat)

One old woman lived in the foot in the Mt. Yahiko. When she was taking a rest on the mountain, one cat appeared.
The cat rolled on sand and turned,and seemed to be very pleasant.
She mimicked the cat, rolled on sand, and turned.
The cat would appear the next day and the next day, and she was mimicking the cat.
The old woman came off the hair, sharpened before long the fingernail, changed also the face, and became very light.
She got rough the village.
The villager worshiped the old woman as a god.
The old woman left for the sky.

三頭蛇 mitou-ja

三頭蛇 mitou-ja (three headed snake)

Nicchou temple in Yonezawa had had this one.The length of this bone was 60cm.The snake that was attaching the head was rare also in the tail in Yedo period.

槌子坂 Tsuchiko-Zaka

槌子坂 Tsuchiko-Zaka (Hammer-monster Slope)

There are a gentle slope named Tsuchiko-Zaka in Kanazawa. The grass grow thick, water flows, everyone feels badly there even at daytime. Especially in a rainy midnight, when the person who thinks himself strong passes, sometimes It appears rolling ,and coming. It seems to be a huge hammer. However, it is jet-black. It is rolling here and there ,around the man ,and shines rapidly, and vanish with laughing loudly as the moment.

Many people saw it there in Yedo period, almost all got sick.It will be an old apparition because it is handed down for a long time.

窟女 Iwaya Onna

窟女 Iwaya Onna (Cave Woman)

In the valley in the Kawamata river in Ise, there was a cave of the height of about 3 meters. In Kanbun years, The person who doubted there was someone in the cave made the raft and went into there. He looked about 30-year-old woman hung there. Her hair pasted to the ceiling. She did not look painful.

He cut the hair down and brought her to his village, and gave water and pour medicine. She came out of delirium and said I am a daughter of the village chief in the Hana village in Mino. She had no memory without it. It was told to Mino people, and many people came there, and received her and returned. No one told why she was hung,or she hung herself.