Thursday, February 23, 2006

肉吸い niku_sui

肉吸い niku_sui(meat sucker),japan
This monster is living in the mountain, and sucks up all of "human's meat" attacking the person who strayed off. The story of having actually witnessed it is not heard. This monster is recorded in the book in Edo period.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

山わに yamawani

山わにyamawani(means mountain crocodilian(="shark" in ancient japan)),japan
This is shark's companion in the mountain. It is in the mountainous region in the Kochi area A huge mouth is opened and everything is swallowed.


山父(山地乳)yamachichi(means Mountain father),japan

It exists in the northeast region in Japan.Usual living in the mountain,but when the night comes, it goes down to the village, and breaths sleeper of the sleeping person is breathed. The person breathed in is deprived of the life. However, when there is a person who witnesses the scene that the person breathed,the person will obtain the long life .

くらげ女 Medusa woman

くらげ女(骨なし女)kurage onnna(means Medusa woman),japan

This ghost existed in Mt.Haba in the Kochi area.When the person dies in the village in the vicinity,this woman goes and twines around the garden tree in the house ,and laughs with a smile.Because the long tract of years had left after it died, it was said that there was no bone and this woman had become the limp one.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

怪しい穴 Frightening cave

怪しい穴 Frightening cave,japan
There was one huge cave about West Japan,Higo,in the heart of the mountains in Edo period. When the traveler who lost his way found this hole,and he peeped into the inside,through the grass and the ivy big white teeths grew from the ceiling and the floor, and a big red tongue wriggled to the interior. When he ran away in surprise and returned, the villager in the vicinity says that he talked that there is no person to whom it peeps at that cave and it comes back.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

さがり The hanging

さがり sagari(=the hanging one),japan

Apparition distributed in West Japan. When walking in the residential quarter at the midnight,suddenly horse's head drops from the tree branch in the roadside, and the passer-by is surprised. Or, horse's leg hangs, and when coming to the under the one's head will be kicked.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

赤小豆洗い azuki_arai(aka_azuki_arai)

赤小豆洗い azuki_arai(aka_azuki_arai) means "something washing red beans",japan
There are rumor, that the "strange sound monster" infests in many places in Japan. Especially famous is an apparition "Something who washes red beans". The sound that beans are washed in the river sounds suddenly in the middle of the night. Or, someone might hear it from back of the ceiling. It is told that this "aka_azuki_arai" monster of this meaning "Something who washes red beans" showed up before a gate of the temple in the village with the southern part of the Shikoku region. The brook flows before a gate of a lot of temples in Japan and there is a bridge. Some brooks before the gate of the temple in other regions has the legends that the same kind of apparition showed up. It is thought that there is a cause that the funny noise rings in the riverbed of the brook.

衾 husuma

衾 husuma,japan
Something covers suddenly from the head on a dark road at night. The victim is wrapped in the body as it is, is breathed in blood, and dies. There are variations in the size and the situation of damage. It lives a lot in Japan,and there are so many names.


The monster that appeared on a certain island of Japan on night of New Year's Eve. It looks like a violent Samurai, and it challenges to an encounter. If the encounter wins,the monster take the shape of a lot of money, and he get very rich. It is a kind of a lot of "fairly of money" that is in Japan.