Sunday, November 20, 2005

痰つぼ婆 tantsubo_babaa

痰つぼ婆 (tantsubo_babaa)=Old woman who likes jars that phlegm enters,japan
Urban legend 20 previous in year or more. There was an old woman who collected "Container that was spit out and put" set up at the station. She drank it up according to the witness.

座敷わらし zashiki_warashi

座敷わらし zashiki_warashi(Room child),japan
Wealth is brought to the house with the fairy. The house falls when he (she) leaves. It goes out to outdoor recently and it dances together in the festival.

泥田坊 dorotabou

泥田坊 dorotabou(Priest in mud of rice field),japan
Monster who attacks profligate son who sold off parents' rice fields.

電柱の上に立つ女 Woman who stands on utility pole

電柱の上に立つ女 Woman who stands on utility pole,japan(TOONO,iwate district)
The ghost of standing on utility pole in banks of a river on windy, dim day. It is said that she is a woman killed in the vicinity.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

牛女 Ushionna

牛女 Ushi_onna(=cow woman)
Urban legend in Kobe.Various shapes are told.It is said that the woman with the face like a cow ・・・ similar famous "Monster who prophesies" that is called "KUDAN" in Meiji period・・・secretly isolated would lurk running away in the middle of the air raid of the Pacific War.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

アスワン aswang

アスワン aswang(=vampire woman),phillipine
The rumor concerning this vampire is confused (As well as other rumors). Apparition legend of Southeast Asia" is what mostly a lot of rumors and the legends mixed it. The case of it that cannot be fixed to a specific appearance is extremely abundant. The most general appearance of aswang is the folk tale one. In a word,It is "fanciful",and ugly. One woman's upper-body separates at night, it floats, and the child and the pregnant woman are attacked. Aswang indoors hangs a long tongue down from the roof, and breathes in the blood of the sleeping victim. Aswang can go in and out also in a small window because it is small(only an upper body). Aswang might breathe in blood biting directly. The appearance of aswang often comes in succession with the image of the bat. The apparition in the former colony also has the rumor that is the possibility of received the influence of an old suzerain, and thought to be an inflow from Europe actually. There is an influence of the vampire in this vampire's "Part" Europe and it will not be able to be negative. However, the rumor of the aswang appearance doesn't discontinue now. Though most is a fake.


Monday, November 14, 2005

ストリゴイ strigoi

ストリゴイ strigoi,romania
It is a kind of a general vampire in the country. There is a legend of the dead' taking the shape of this monster sometime and it causes harm to his(her) family. There is a region where a kind of convention about "strigoi" remains now. A similar story is spread also to China, and it is believed now.

オゴメ ogome

オゴメ ogome,japan(Miyake island)
This creature lives in the is told no good luck bird,and puts out laughter like the baby.

オドデさま odode_sama

オドデさま odode_sama=Mr.Odode,japan
This is a missis. The appearance is told that it crossed the owl to man.

影ワニ kage_wani

影ワニ kage_wani=shark that feeds on shadow,japan
This is a story told between fishermen. "SAME(=shark)" was called "WANI(=crocodile)" in Japan. The fisherman who went out to fishing by the boat sees shark's appearance at sea. Fisherman's shadow had expanded in the sea. The shark hold it in one's mouth, and drags it in to the sea with the fisherman's body. Or, the fisherman will die as soon as it did. This looks like the legend of general "shadow removing" well in Europe. The legend of "shadow removing" is handed down in various places in Japan.

大舌の怪物 Monster with large tongue

大舌の怪物 Monster with large tongue,japan
This was a monster who appears in the field of the farmer in Himeji. The record,that the object that hangs a red tongue down from a huge eyeball appeared, and the dragon rose there to the sky remains in Edo period.

飛び物 tobi_mono

飛び物 tobi_mono = flying object,japan
This flying objects was reported in Edo period. "One like the cobweb" was flying over the sky,and disappeared when it was captured, and grasped. It seems to be the same as the one that is called "angel hair" in Europe. The larvas might pull the string as ecology of a kind of spider known well and they fly on the wind. There is a possibility of showing that.

女の生首 girl's head

女の生首 girl's head,japan

This is a very old story.One priest fell in love with a young city girl.However,he must go to train to the distance.She felt sorry awfully,and told the priest to carry her head cut off with you.

A strange rumor left in the training place of the priest.The voice that chats with the woman was heard when he finished training and returned to his room.One day,the woman's scream was heard from the priest's room when he was absent.People entered the room,and were looking for the "crying thing".There was a severed head of the encompassed beautiful girl in thrusting.There was haver one's eyes swollen with tears on eyes.The head melted,fell,and became a skull.The priest was dead in the destination.It was the same time as the date when the scream was heard.

アツウイカクラ atsuuikakura

アツウイカクラ atsuuikakura,Ainu race(living in Hokkaido,japan)
This is a huge trepang monster in Hokkaido.One girl had died,and her underwear changed the form to this monster,that "Ainu" people said.

新宿老婆王 shinjuku_rouba_ou

新宿老婆王 shinjuku_rouba_ou = elder queen in Shinjuku
city,japanThis is still alive in Shinjuku city in japan.This is an imitation of the one of hell's people.In the end of Edo period,"This statue had moved,and fighted with robbers,or a fire,"people believed.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

首齧り kubi_kajiri

首齧り kubi_kajiri = neck biter,japan
This is a well known "monster" in Edo period,but it would be "Ghoul" or a ghost living in a graveyard simply.

覗坊 nozoki_bou

覗坊 nozoki_bou = "Peeping-Tom" child,japan
"Bou" meens a child,but also a priest.In Edo period,many people were buddists,and there were so many priests.This is a monster in the monster book of Kyushu district in Edo period.If you feel to be seen someone,nozoki_bou may stare on you.

二本足 nihon_ashi

二本足 nihon_ashi = two legs,japan
This is a monster in the monster book of Kyushu district in Edo period.There is many "One leg monster"s in japan,but "Two legs monster" is a few.

いが坊 iga_bou

いが坊 iga_bou = "IGA" child,japan
This is a monster in the monster book of Kyushu district in Edo period.

胴ノ面 dou_no_tsura

胴ノ面 dou_no_tsura = face on body,japan
This is a monster in the monster book of Kyushu district in Edo period.It looks like an European drowing in the old book.Probably,it had shiped to japan from there(?).

山婦 yamaonna

山婦 yama_onna=woman in the mountain
This apparition is a woman of the mystery to live secretly in the mountain. Such a legend is a lot in Japan, and is assumed to be a monster who brutally harms the person. The person who is called on this name seems between the normal people who live nakedly if anything naturally. The one that comes out in document in Edo period.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

一本ダタラ ippondatara

一本ダタラ ippon_datara=one leg "datara"
This is a famous monster in japan.This monster appears in the place of specific,at night of a certain winter day, and attacks the person. The footprint will be left next morning and the row is left.Though looked like "Snow fairy",there is the idea it is someone of specific skill group (ironware production group) because "Tatara(Datara)" means the place of blacksmith's workshop.They were very valuable people in the old times,and sometime be hided."Step on" seem to step by one foot.

ゴム男 rubberman

ゴム男 rubberman,japan
This seems to be "a shadow man".People cannnot recognize it,but some people can see it.This monster looks like a man made of green rubber.Perhaps, this is a rumor that the TV production company made.

亀女 kame_onnna

亀女 kame_onnna=turtle girl,japan
This was the one of "prophecied monster".She told the fisherman some "prophecies",and went back to the sea.

悪魚 akugyo

悪魚 akugyo=bad fish,japan

This is the big and terrible fish.It was watched in Edo period.The face is beutiful,but the mouth blow out fire.

永宝寺の虫 eihouji_no_mushi

永宝寺の虫 eihouji_no_mushi=the insect lived in Eihou temple's pond ,japan
This is origined the picture on the Edo period's book"姫国山海録KIKOKU_SENGAIROKU"(姫国山海録・・・「百鬼繚乱」近藤瑞木編7/2002、国書刊行会に所収).It was smelled so much badly.It's about 7 feet long.

Friday, November 11, 2005

大神社姫 daijinjahime

大神社姫 dai_jinja_hime = "Big Shrine's Princess" ,japan

This is a monster of 20 feet in the total length that appears in Echigo's coast. This is a sacred creature, and it is said that some prophecies are left and it leaves. The rumor of such "Prophesied Creature" became popular very much in the end in Edo period.

タンコロリン tankororin

たんころりん(タンコロリン)tankororin=rolling things,japan

If fruits in a tree are left, they will become this monster. There is an old legend that "One that had been left for a long time" becomes a monster in Japan. It is the one.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


酒呑童子shuten_douji="the kid drinking sake",japan(in Mt.Oue)
He was the very ancient "ONI" means the monster like Ogre,etc..He was very strong,and used violence over there.He resisted the emperor,and battled.He was cut off his head,and dead.

畳叩き the thing beating tatami

畳叩きtatami_tataki=the thing beating tatami(floor)
It is only a "sound monster".Beating sound is heard from a room suddenly.But there is no one in that room.

オイガカリ oigakari

オイガカリ(負い掛かり) oi_gakari=the something carried on someone,japan(west)
In midnight on a road,suddenly it rides on soulders of someone walking,and cover him all from his back.It is a heavy thing.It is only a shadow,and cannot see it clearly.

百目塚 hill of hundreds eyes

百目塚 hyakume_duka = hill of hundreds eyes,japan
In Japan,the "hyaku_me" means "hundred eyes" is a popular monster(or a spirit).This hill was called the hill of "hyaku_me",and if someone put on one coin on this hill,he(she) will get hundred coins.But it was only the "story".One person he had put many money(certainly over one hundred) on the hill could not get more money,and angered,and breaked the hill.As soon as he falled sick.

くねくね kunekune

くねくね kunekune("winding"),japan
This is the monster told in "web" mainly.It stands in a rice field at noon.You can see it like a winding white cloth from a distance.But don't close to "It".You will see a something badly,and die.

ケンムン kenmun

ケンムン kenmun,japan(southwest)
They live in south islands of Japan.They are called "KIJIMUNA" in OKINAWA islands,and people recognize them "tree spirits". They like kidding human beings.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

伊豆の妖獣 mysterious beast in IZU

伊豆の妖獣 mysterious beast in IZU,japan
This beast could change its body to human.It was living near a village in IZU district."He" went to one married woman and seduced her everynight.People in there doubted "him".One night the woman was discovered dead.Her face had been skined all.A few days ago,"he" came to the village again.All men in the village gathered around "him",and beated it together.It escaped from there.People chased it,and discovered it in a huge cave.It was being mortally wounded.They saw it,like Chimera(human face,beast body,and bird legs),and killed.It was about 10 feets long.

夢魂 Will-o'-the-wisp in dream

夢魂 Will-o'-the-wisp in dream,japan
In Edo period,a woman's envy (sometimes a man's envy) made "yumedama" unconsciously."Yumedama" is "the soul outside of the body(not wraith) in dreaming".A certain man had an affair when on a business trip.The other party of fickleness envied his wife.She had dream one day,and saw his wife sitting in his house.She bit to the neck springing at the wife in dream.As his mother saw it and made noise,she left there,and awoke.Feelings bad in the mouth.He had the report that the wife died to be near at the dawn of the next day.He faced home at once. His mother said that the will-o'-the-wisp had been seen to enter his wife's room in last afternoon.At once,mother had heard her yell,and his mother ran into her room. She was falling there in blood-stained. Her neck had torn,and had been broken.Then he separated from the woman.There are some stories that look like.There was the story that two women who struggled for one man killed him by "yumedama",and both became nuns.

胎内17年 the woman who were pregnant for 17 years

胎内17年 the woman who were pregnant for 17 years,japan
In Edo period,the woman called "Sana" had gotten pregnant,but she could not give birth."It" had been brought up in her womb for many years,and studied speaking."It"talked to her "I hate it!" or "I want to travel somewhere Gods live in!" etc..She had been traveling everywhere shrines or temples in Japan.According to someone had had a talk with her,she was so embarrassed by "it".

地下の神楽 underground music

地下の神楽 underground music,japan

In Edo period,someone heard beautiful sounds from underground of a certain place in Edo city.It had sounded like a "kagura",means "the music for Gods".In Edo city,sometimes there had been sounded "kagura" or "ohayashi" from somewhere fields or woods or houses where no one lived in,and people wondered,and called the one of "nana_hushigi",means "the seven mysteries".

イッシャ issha

イッシャ issha,japan
They live in the island named "tokunoshima".They have the only one leg,and a tail like a corn.ISSHA always has a broken umbrella.Encounters will be pulled into the sea deeply,and die,but if he takes a corn in his hips,ISSHA recognize him ISSHA.If he ask ISSHA to go on a boat with him,ISSHA will nod.Everyone with ISSHA will have a good catch in the sea.But you should know that some ISSHA are lazybones.

とんぞう tonzou

とんぞう tonzou,japan
This is the monster living in the northeast country of Japan.Probably,he is the god of mountains.If you walk into the aria of TONZOU,TONZOU will come,and warn."Don't trespass on my aria!"He is very strong,that can snap a big trunk of oak.After comming TONZOU,you will be sick in bed for some days.

チュパカブラ chupacabra

chupacabra = the goat sucker,america
The mysterious animal,it drains blood of animal.They have various forms.

お歯黒べったり female painting tooths all black

お歯黒べったり female painting tooths all black,japan
In Edo period,every married females had painted their tooths black,and cutted off their eyebrows.They also painted their faces with white powder.It seems to be much mysterious.You can see the face in the movie Kurosawa's Rashomon.White face female.Some older females could not marry became this monster.

枕がえし pillow mover

枕がえしmakura gaeshi = pillow mover,japan
This spirit move a pillow under legs during a person sleeping.Only this is the spirit's power.Sometimes you will hear the story of "makuragarshi no ma" in Japanese temples.The room of the "makuragaeshi",that means,everyone slept in the room must experience "pillow lost".The pillow will under your legs,or your body will be turned.In some places,have makuragaeshi stories,the buddist altar exists,and only if you wish to sleep with your legs to the altar,makuragaeshi will come and your body will be turned,or have nightmares whole of the night.

蟹になるアサリ crabbed clam

蟹になるアサリ crabbed clam,japan
In Edo period,Japanese people believed that everything have a power changing their form to the other creature.This creature is a small clam,an usual eatable clam in Japan,but some can become a crab.This is a changing form,and then this creature become a complete crab.Shells are moved out.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

塗り壁 painted wall

塗り壁 nurikabe = painted wall,japan
This is only a standing wall in woods,but a person encounts this monster cannot move foreside any more.If you meet this,sit down on the ground,and have a smoke.It will be vanished.

産女 woman with a baby

産女,ubume = woman with a baby,japan(southeast asia)
This is a very populer ghost in Japan.She has been dead bearing a baby.She talks to a man in a road midnight,"Please hold my child in your arms."A man hold her baby,and she is gone,and her child become very heavy,and the man cannot move there.Sometimes a baby becomes a heavy stone,but that will be "fox trick".Her lower body is bloody,and the baby is same.

天女 sky woman

天女 tennyo="sky woman" means "heavenly woman",japan(china etc.)

In Edo period,one samurai met "heavenly woman",and she kissed him.After that,his mouth smelled very good, all his life.

河童 river children

河童 kappa = river children,japan(china etc.)
They are living in deep rivers or ponds.They are waiting something walk across there,and bite it's bottom,and pull out it's "sirikodama" means "soul ball inside it's anal".And then,It will dead in depth under water.

牛鬼 cow monster

牛鬼 ushioni = cow monster,japan(west)
It is cow monster under water.Their head is like Ogre,and body is cow.Very huge and terrible,it is origined the Water God. Sometimes it forms verious style.Like many bits of light,and more.