Thursday, June 19, 2008

悪魚 aku_gyo

悪魚 aku_gyo (means "Bad Fish")
Aku_Gyo is a word used as a general noun, sometimes; Fish as ferocious as dogfish, or Fish that causes misfortune.In Japan people rumored that there was a monster that had a beautiful woman's head and a fish or snake's body before Meiji period. It was discrived only a mermaid, or a monster who ate people,or God who come from sea to prophesy.



I have no time now. I will transrate these sentences into English later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

人工精霊 jinkou_seirei

人工精霊 jinkou_seirei (an artificial spirit)

Spirit that some occultists produce and sell in Japan.Occultists insist that they can make it.It is enclosed in a small bottle, and the name of arms is applied. The one named "FOBS" is famous.
It is not visible.It is assumed that it has temporary power of curse, and a realistic effect. We can see the influence of the occultism in the West , and also "Pokemon". In the old Japanese mystery principle, there were a kind of spirit, "SHIKI", and magicians of the "Onnmyou_dou" used it oftenly.SHIKI was employed by the "Onnmyou_ji",and took various actions as the magician ordered it. It looks like the existence of the heaven that was called "Douji" (meens "Child") that the high Buddhism priest employed. It seems that each idea was transmitted from ancient China. This idea often appears in the manga.