Wednesday, March 29, 2006


火車ka_sha(means fired cart),japan
Cart that comes for a living person from hell. It is an encompassed oxcart, and the demon pulls it to the flame. It appears suddenly in front of the target on a certain day, it kidnaps, and it never returns. Running in the middle of the night in the town,also get off the sky at high noon. Now it is not witnessed though it is the story that had been handed down from an old age.

塗り仏painted buddha

ぬり仏(塗り仏)nuri_botoke(meens painted buddha),japan
It settles in the dilapidated temple, and the person who visited is surprised. It looks like a black buddhist statue. When the traveler approaches,the eyeball is dropped and it begins to move. It was said that the Asian racoon had disguised. "Nuri" had been used as a prefix that meens a big mysterious thing in old Japan."Nuri_kabe" or "Nuri_bou" is used also for the name of the big musterious apparition.


わうわうwauwau,japan(in Edo period?)
This is recorded in an old book, and the mystery.

川父 river father

川父kawachichi(river father),japan(kouchi district)
It was called "River father" to have sunk in the riverbed without the corpse of the boatman who had been killed in there. It sometimes got ashore and the constrained voice was given.

Friday, March 17, 2006


天毒虫tendokumushi(means Heaven poisonous insect),japan
This living thing appeared in the Oki island in Edo period. Where this crawls wears the mephitis, and melts yellow. There is a character "天",means Heaven,on this back. It looks like Slug.

蝸牛のようなもの The one like snail

蝸牛のようなもの The one like snail,japan

This thing appeared in the coast in the town,"chikuzen",in Fukuoka Prefecture in Edo period. There were one-foot in the total length shell of Cabt, and vomited yellow liquid.