Friday, December 30, 2005

ぬらりひょん nurarihyon

ぬらりひょん nurari_hyon,japan

Elderly man of having suddenly appeared to a house of town in Edo period. It was gone though tea had been drunk sitting before one is aware when noticing. No one knew who the elderly person was. True colors is uncertain. However, it is certain that it is not man.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

赤牛 Red cow

赤牛 aka_ushi(red cow),japan
It is not an old story. Pull out the water of the moat where Ueda castle was enclosed in Meiji period(about 140 years ago). Suddenly,one big, red cow appeared from dark water with fishes who jumped up and down. The cow scrambled the moat, ran about trying to escape, finally sank the body in another pond, and never appeared. A lot of stories of Aca_ushi(red cow) stories related water are told in Japan.

魔の電柱 Utility pole of curse

Utility pole of curse,japan(tokyo)

Ghost talked about to Taisho period(about 70 years ago). When a person takes the train at midnight, a bloody woman is noticed to be sitting on the seat in the vehicle that is sure not to get on excluding me. The head is thrown at a specific utility pole whenever trying to run away from the window being surprised when it is a ghost (The speed of a train at that period was very slow) and it faints. Such an event happened frequently, and the utility pole came to be rumored that the curse was put some day.

上半身花嫁 Upper-body bride

上半身花嫁 Upper-body bride,japan

Strange road is called in West Japan by the name such as "Namera_suji (stripe of the rope)", and the existence of the one "Road that the ghost passes" is believed. It is a road that passes through straight to the house or the forest, etc. It is an apparition who did the appearance of the bride who lost her lower half of the body said that this will pass a certain Namerasuji.

竜姫 dragon queen

竜姫 dragon queen

It is a fairly or a god on the small rock that floats on the Pacific Ocean. God, fairy, apparition, and monster's verges are not clear in Japan.

うわん uwan

うわん uwan,japan

On a road in midnight,someone was walking through the samurai city,"WUWANN!!" voice sounded suddenly.He was surprised,but cannnot see it.It was called "UWAN",a kind of youkai(monster).

フォースを使う人 a man use "force"

フォースを使う人 a man use "force",japan

In japan,"Jedi" is exist.But noone has watched he uses "force."

人魚 mermaid

人魚 woman_fish(mermaid),japan

In japan,mermaid was believed a kind of shark.She eats meat,sometimes of her friend's dead body.A fisherman watched that child mermaid had been eating her mother's body on the rock in Edo period.Japanese mermaid's mummy was famous all over the world,but all of them are made like mermaid by someone in Edo.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005



A lot of stories of the ghost "YAGYOU_SAN(people who walk at night)" were told about in Japan in "the age of war" (before Edo period). Especially,the BUSHOU(famous warrior) and the attendants who had killed in action show up in the specific night of the day. Never look. Unhappiness might always visit without fail, and he(she) die. It is an appearance of "YAGYOU_SAN" typical shape that the person and the horse that doesn't have the neck walk. "Mjango_han" is the local name. A big cursed bell is down from the horse's neck.

Monday, December 26, 2005

天から降ってくる官人、通り悪魔Hit who falls from heaven,street satan

天から降ってくる官人、通り悪魔Hit who falls from heaven,street satan ,japan

It was one of many satans who lived in Edo city. There was a samurai who saw strange Hit dressed up get off the garden tree in the house. Hit existed, and got off the tree fast no matter how he saw. The samurai calmed down the mind, left the place, and slept in bed. Then, the full voice had been heard from a house next door after a while. Neighbours said that the next door's samurai in a suddenly crazy killed cutting her wife people. A similar story was often written down in Edo period. For example,suddeenly one samurai saw many soldiers who surrounded the outside of his house's wall around, and he prostrated to their figures while long times,and disappeared.the bad thing happened in neighbour's house also.Or when a woman saw outside from her house,there was an elderly person who steped on the mark in the house of which had burned down,and walked to her. she made her mind to calm down and shut down her eyes, and it disappeared.The old woman who crawled the ceiling in the hospital that wrote in the another paragraph might be the descendant. Similar tale is written about a small street satan 1000 years ago. It might have been a phenomenon that the enchantment had been put on these.

大トウボウシLarge Touboushi

大トウボウシLarge Touboushi,japan

There was a giant in Japan in hundreds of 1000 old times of year, people said,and is a legend of having left the signs in various places. The name is different in various places.Large Touboushi is told name in the mountains region in Kyoto.



The voice "Let's give it" is heard from the river in the middle of the night. Do not answer, "If it is possible to get it, get it". It is said that the embankment collapses as soon as having said so, and the flood mows down houses.



It is originally a god in India, it is told to Japan through the Buddhism culture of China, it mixes with the god of old Japan Shintoism, and it has changed. There was the famous enchantment master person who studied a kind of religion that came from China named ONMYOUDOU(the positive and negative road)thoroughly) named "Abe_no_seimei" thousand years ago in the strong existence.It is said that he borrows this god's power and the serious illness of the priest with a high place was moved to priest's apprentice's body.

油坊oil monk

油坊oil monk,japan
There is many legends of "Fireball" that appears in the mountain on a specific day in various parts of Japan. This is a fireball that appeared in the mountain in the Omi province(that is one of old district in Japan) on a day of the summer. It is said that priest's appearance is seen in the light when seeing in the vicinity.


It is a story which an achtor talked, and it turns into urban legend now. Strange atmosphere does indoors when waking up in the middle of the night. It is said that the bird that had middle age's man's face has stayed in the frame of the bed when looking about. It is not harmful.

たいばtaiba(horse killer)

たいばtaiba(horse killer),japan

There is variously name. Though it was called as an insect ,but the appearance is old clothes small girl who got on small flying horse.It falls unexpectedly from the sky, a cruel death is brought to the horse, and it leaves laughing. It is an apparition feared in the age when the war horse was important.

Sunday, December 25, 2005



It is an apparition who lives on the gate of the japanese shrine. It falls when bad persons starts passing through the gate ,and crushes it.

渡海神god who comes from sea

渡海神god who comes from sea,japan

Japan is sea-girt isles. Residents in the beach wished that it was brought that it was good so as not to cause it bad by entertaining the god who did not see it because the god who did not know the true character went up from the sea on a specific day every year. The god who came from the heaven named "Niraikanai" across the west sea there sees the boat and stone of tie stop can often be seen in the coast in solitary islands in Okinawa.



A kind of god spread to japanese shrine in Yokohama. There are manners that put a small doll that moulds this shape to the boat, shoulder people's defilement, and throw into the sea. It seems that it is said that the horse had been pastured 1000 years or more ago, and united by the legend of an older turtle (It was believed neptune's messenger) around here.

コツコツ婆Knack knack woman

コツコツ婆Knack knack woman,japan

There is only an upper-body. It walks lightly by using the both arms.It runs after while making the footstep.A lot of similar apparitions exist in Japan. The prototype seems the apparition of a man "teketeke" that appears in the school. The monster who has only the upper-body exists in Japan from of old. It seems that a relic in the age when the samurai severed the person with the sword.

後家火Widow's fire

後家火Widow's fire,japan

A wife of just losing the husband and a young man became love relations. However, the woman died soon. Then, the fireball came to reside on eaves in the man's house. All women who approached a man became unhappy. It was rumored that the reason for people in neighboring districts was that the widow became a fireball and it was attached to a man.

亡魂船dead spirit's boat

亡魂船dead spirit's boat,japan

This is a fantom ship that infested in the vicinity of Izu islands. It is called a boat that the person who died in the sea takes, and is assumed that the death is called by no good luck. It is assumed that the door of the hell (heaven) opens in the Buddhism on a specific day of one year, and the dead visit their old home. In a lot of fisherman towns, the legend that the dead return from the sea on the midnight of the day is passed on.

赤いマスクの女Woman of red mask

赤いマスクの女Woman of red mask,South Korea
One person meets the woman who weared a red mask when walking at night. When the woman takes off the mask,there is a mouth that tore to the ear . This seems for the hero of the urban legend that has told in Japan 20 years or more ago to reappear.


This is a mummy in the hot spring resort in the Kyushu region northern part. Similar something is an individual owning now. The prophecy is left with This is the calf that had person's face,and as soon as having given birth this will talk some prophecy,and die. It is a monster at the beginning of the Meiji period.

河伯(Japan) kahaku

河伯(Japan) kahaku,japan

This is a small mummy found in the attic of the Kyushu region liquor maker's house. It is enshrined as a defense god in the liquor maker now. There is no tale about this,and nobody knows what this is.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

ピークラスー Pee Krasue

ピークラスー Pee Krasue,THAILAND
"Pee" is a ghost,spirit,fairly,or God in Thailand.Krasue's figure is like some Vampires living over the southeast Asia,and a few coutries in the eastern Europe.In japan,"ROKUROKUBI" is like this.The witch can pull out her "head" with "lives".Her head flies away midnight,and eat somewhat filth(disgusting "things").Recently,this ghost is well known in the country and more,and changes the image to an intimate, humourous thing,or only a monster that is beated by a person easily.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

き ki

き ki,japan
God who has power to drive away thunder. It was widely believed in in Edo period. It introduced from China.

かんじゃや kanjaya

かんじゃや kanja_ya(shi?),japan

It is a mysterious creature.No one knows this now.It is collected by a person who lived in Edo period.Just one picture roll,Bakemono_dzukushi_emaki,was remained by the person.Previously,this is an animal's ghost.

馬肝入道 bakkin_nyuudou

馬肝入道 bakkin_nyuudou(horse's live ghost),japan

It is a mysterious creature.No one knows this now.It is collected by a person who lived in Edo period.Just one picture roll,Bakemono_dzukushi_emaki,was remained by the person.

Monday, December 19, 2005

為憎 nikurashi

為憎 nikurashi("Hate"),japan

It is a collected monster in mysterious picture scroll "BakemonoDukushiEmaki" in Edo period.It would be a Jorou(Geisha) who hated someone,and became this creature.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

生霊 ikiryou

生霊、生き霊 ikiryou(a spirit alive)

The soul of a person who is alive slips out unconsciously, and a crime of which it thinks in the mind is done.

式神 shiki_gami

式神 shiki_gami,japan( in Heian period) ,and more country in east asia

"Invisible Spirit" that was born from China.It is summoned from another world by the enchantment master who piled up training in "onnmyou_dou", and it is used for various things. It works like the housekeeper, and at times it killed the person.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

貧乏神 Poor god

貧乏神Poor god,japan

That means "poor's god".If the poor person worships this god, it doesn't become more poorly than now. However,in general,it is said the bad spirit of the possessed to poor persons.

Friday, December 09, 2005

ストリガ striga

ストリガ striga,europe(ancient Rome)

Witch.It scared young children by her interest that bring out them at midnight.

キ ki

キ ki,china

Wood Spirit.They are living in a wood.A half of it's body is beast,and the another side is like human beeing.This is popular tale in the ancient book in China.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

デーヤベリー族 dheeyabery

デーヤベリー族 dheeyabery,australia(aboriginal tales)

天井を這う老婆 The old woman who crawls on a ceiling

天井を這う老婆 The old woman who crawls on a ceiling,japan

The witch was witnessed when Mrs.Kaburagi (her husband was the famous japanese painter,Kiyokata Kaburagi)was sent to hospital. When she looked up the ceiling in the single room of a hospital, the old woman was crawling there upside down. She was frightened ,but gazed at the old woman,and then it went away outside. The voice which makes noise from the next room soon was able to be heard.Heard by her later, the patient of the next room passed away then. The similar talk is told from the Edo period and called by the name a "Toori_akuma(kind evil spirit)."

松代紺屋町洗場の怪物 Monster who infested in the public bath

松代紺屋町洗場の怪物(Monster who infested in the public bath in Matsushiro Konnya town),japan

There was a monster in the public bath in Matsushiro Konnya town at the Meiji period. It peeped someone's washing it's body often from the second floor of this public bath.

人食い鯉 hitokui_koi

人食い鯉 hitokui_koi(Cannibalism carp),japan

One of urban legend of Japan of 2005.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


土蜘蛛 TUCHI_GUMO(the ground spider),japan

The one known as popular monster for a long time in Japan. It lives in the bottom of the earth of East Japan, and it is assumed a huge, ferocious monster who often threatens man on the ground. There was a view that it is an ancient native race in this island. "Scary the one" was often called by this name when being Edo period. It is famous for the story that a famous samurai rooted this out at the Heian period(about 1000 years old).

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


手蜘蛛 TE_GUMO(The hand of spider),japan

... This is the name of a place which actually suited Akita Prefecture. Since the following traditions were there, it was named.

The door which the lock of a house required pulled suddenly in the dead of night, and was broken, and one big red arm thrust in. Although the family shuddered up, the arm withdrewed immediately as it was. However, the door was broken and the arm thrust in at the time same after that every night. The family thought that it would kill all of them, and moved from that house.

In another report,one young samurai appeared after that,and eradicated it that was the "monster with eight thick legs 10 feets or more" which lurked in the neighborhood. In Japan, the monster "TUCHI_GUMO(the ground spider)" handed down for many years was also called the true character.

鶴の上の仙人 The small hermit on a crane

鶴の上の仙人 The small hermit on a crane,japan

The strange thing was witnessed in the residential section of Edo city about the middle of the 18th century. One Samurai and his son saw a small crane flied away in his friend's house. The smaller "hermit" was on the bird, and he was reading a roll. However, it had disappeared to the shadow of a house soon.The friend witnessed it,too.

女郎買い地蔵 joroukai_jizou

女郎買い地蔵 the Jizou(Stone statue of the Buddha) who buys a woman,japan

The stone statue of the Buddha which is existing to the temple in Okegawa-shi, Saitama. It often went to a brothel nightly in Edo period, it has been tied and stopped with the iron wedge.

黒竜 kokuryu

黒竜 kokuryu(black dragon),japan

The black "rod(sky fish)" which was photoed recently.It had two shining eyes.

イワラサンペ iwarasanpe

イワラサンペ iwarasanpe,japan(Hokkaido)

The beast of Ainu fellows' legendary black dog.

Monday, December 05, 2005

十騎町山崎門扉の大眼 big eyes on the doors of Yamazaki's house in Jukki(ten horses)

十騎町山崎門扉の大眼 big eyes on the doors of Yamazaki's house in Jukki(ten horses) town,japan(Edo)

This samurai's town was known by a mysterious phenomenon's happening. These monsters whom a certain samurai father and son had seen in the middle of the night were three big eyes that appeared to the gate door. It disappeared one by one while calming down their mind and watching.

七足の蛸 The octopus of seven legs

七足の蛸 The octopus of seven legs,japan

The octopus which haunted the seashore of Chubu District in Japan in Edo period. The body of the person who just died is their favorite food. If night comes, it will go up on the ground,and walk to a graveyard and dug up human's dead body and consume it. Therefore, even if the local human being caught this, he never ate.

幽霊千人 yuureisennninn

幽霊千人 1000 people's ghost,japan

The phenomenon witnessed with the Mt. Hakone background at the Edo period and high noon. Many persons also witnessed that 1000 or more people's vision got down from a mountain. It gossiped with whether the door of heaven(or hell) opened by the last big earthquake.

怨念様 onnennsama

怨念様 onnenn_sama(Ms.deep-seated grudge),japan(izu district)

The supernatural creature of living in the seabed near the Niijima island. It is in a reef and holds the anchor of a ship. Those who got underwater and looked at this must not never talk. A curse will be applied if it is going to regain an anchor.

不燃鳥 hunenchou

不燃鳥 hunenchou(The bird which does not burn),japan

The bird is jumping out of a belly while cremating human's dead body. It flies away from a crematory, without completely burning.