Monday, October 18, 2010

唐津妖怪 karatsu youkai

唐津妖怪 (Karatsu youkai,monster in Karatsu)

There was an apparition in the moat around the Karatsu castle. All people who had seen fainted. Therefore, nobody saw the face of the apparition. A certain scholar was invited to the castle. The scholar went to the moat where the apparition existed hearing the rumor. When he was stopping, a large man with pale face stood up from among the moat. A man stands in the surface of the water, and is a digit with the glare as for him. He guessed sitting down and returned it. Several hours have passed. A man melted like ice, and marks were lost. Thereafter, the apparition was gone.

狐の髪切 kamikiri

狐の髪切(kamikiri,Hair Cutter)

Japanese Fox liked to eat the hair of man or woman in Yedo period.

One samurai's hair was cut out while sleeping. The hair under the pillow was not cut. The head was very stinky. Slaver had stickily adhered to the hair.

It was guessed that fox's purpose was pomade.