Sunday, February 05, 2006

赤小豆洗い azuki_arai(aka_azuki_arai)

赤小豆洗い azuki_arai(aka_azuki_arai) means "something washing red beans",japan
There are rumor, that the "strange sound monster" infests in many places in Japan. Especially famous is an apparition "Something who washes red beans". The sound that beans are washed in the river sounds suddenly in the middle of the night. Or, someone might hear it from back of the ceiling. It is told that this "aka_azuki_arai" monster of this meaning "Something who washes red beans" showed up before a gate of the temple in the village with the southern part of the Shikoku region. The brook flows before a gate of a lot of temples in Japan and there is a bridge. Some brooks before the gate of the temple in other regions has the legends that the same kind of apparition showed up. It is thought that there is a cause that the funny noise rings in the riverbed of the brook.

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