Monday, December 05, 2005

逆立ち女 Handstand woman

逆立ち女 Handstand woman,japan
A Ronin (Samurai) met the woman who had stood on one's head in the ferry in the river on the way back from the trip. The woman tells him to put her to the boat together. The boat was made to multiply the ronin, and he took her to one barber as she asked. The guard of the amulet was pasted to barber's entrance. The handstand woman asked the ronin to peel off guard. The handstand woman belonged straight to the barber when he threw away guard. A noisy sound was heard from the inside soon. And, the woman came out and the bow was said ・・・ In not handstand but "Normal appearance". According to his hearing the woman showed up in the barber, and killed barber's wife at the time. She had been barber's concubine, and killed from the head to upside-down by the well by the wife.

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