Wednesday, November 09, 2005

夢魂 Will-o'-the-wisp in dream

夢魂 Will-o'-the-wisp in dream,japan
In Edo period,a woman's envy (sometimes a man's envy) made "yumedama" unconsciously."Yumedama" is "the soul outside of the body(not wraith) in dreaming".A certain man had an affair when on a business trip.The other party of fickleness envied his wife.She had dream one day,and saw his wife sitting in his house.She bit to the neck springing at the wife in dream.As his mother saw it and made noise,she left there,and awoke.Feelings bad in the mouth.He had the report that the wife died to be near at the dawn of the next day.He faced home at once. His mother said that the will-o'-the-wisp had been seen to enter his wife's room in last afternoon.At once,mother had heard her yell,and his mother ran into her room. She was falling there in blood-stained. Her neck had torn,and had been broken.Then he separated from the woman.There are some stories that look like.There was the story that two women who struggled for one man killed him by "yumedama",and both became nuns.

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