Monday, November 14, 2005

女の生首 girl's head

女の生首 girl's head,japan

This is a very old story.One priest fell in love with a young city girl.However,he must go to train to the distance.She felt sorry awfully,and told the priest to carry her head cut off with you.

A strange rumor left in the training place of the priest.The voice that chats with the woman was heard when he finished training and returned to his room.One day,the woman's scream was heard from the priest's room when he was absent.People entered the room,and were looking for the "crying thing".There was a severed head of the encompassed beautiful girl in thrusting.There was haver one's eyes swollen with tears on eyes.The head melted,fell,and became a skull.The priest was dead in the destination.It was the same time as the date when the scream was heard.

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