Wednesday, November 09, 2005

イッシャ issha

イッシャ issha,japan
They live in the island named "tokunoshima".They have the only one leg,and a tail like a corn.ISSHA always has a broken umbrella.Encounters will be pulled into the sea deeply,and die,but if he takes a corn in his hips,ISSHA recognize him ISSHA.If he ask ISSHA to go on a boat with him,ISSHA will nod.Everyone with ISSHA will have a good catch in the sea.But you should know that some ISSHA are lazybones.

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Andrey said...

A life update
Life is generally pretty good, if a little too busy at times :) House ... I have a good thirty posts I need to be scheduling over at the Open Source Weblog , and I've got a few other projects on the go, mostly involving Rails in some way or another.
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